The Court Historian

The Court Historian is published twice a year, in June and December. Information about the current and future issues is available here.

Current Issue
Volume 22, No. 2 (December 2017)







  • Mark Bryant – ‘Romancing the Throne’: Madame de Maintenon’s Journey from Secret Royal Governess to Louis XIV’s Clandestine
    Consort, 1652–84
  • Shelagh Mitchell – Ladies of the Garter: Edward III; Richard II; Elizabeth II
  • Federico Piseri – Filius et Servitor. Education to Dynastic Consciousness in the Titles and Subscriptions of the Sforza Princes’ Familiar Letters
  • Jakub Rogulski – Memory of Social Elites: What Should Not Be Forgotten. The Case of the Lithuanian Princes in the Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries





Thomas E. Kaiser – The Politics of Disgrace in Bourbon France
Barbara Watson Andaya – Rulers, Regimes and Cross-Cultural Comparisons





Christina Clark – Enchanted Isles, Fatal Shores: Living Versailles
Jemma Field – A European Court on the Thames
Liesbeth Geevers – The Invention of Dynasty
Jonathan Spangler – Sabaudian Sovereignty